EGEC Newsletter December 2014

The 51th edition of the EGEC newsletter is available Click here to read it.


EGEC puts forward recommendations for a secure, competitive, sustainable Energy Union

In the framework of the debate over the EU Energy Union, the European geothermal industry puts forward a number of recommendations for each of its future pillars.

The new course of the EU energy policy should be built on a level-playing field, include a true EU heating and cooling policy, and create the conditions to empower consumers, cities, and local authorities.

This in order to ensure, in the short, medium, and long-term, all of the following: Affordability of energy, security of energy supply and availability; sustainability and the decarbonisation of our economy.

Read the full document here.

Steady development for Geothermal in 2014- but markets still to reach full potential.

The changes in the European Geothermal heat and electricity markets over the last 12 months have been detailed in the ‘EGEC 2014 Market Report Update’, launched at Geopower Global conference, Istanbul. It can be found on the publications page.

Geothermal District Heating continues to show dynamic development in Europe, with eight new systems having an installed capacity of 76.2 MWth, becoming operational in 2014, and 204 projects now under development- 10 more projects than last year. The total installed capacity in from the 247 plants in Europe is now 4.5 GWth.  162 of these plants are in the European Union, producing 4256 GWh.

EGEC November Newsletter

The 50th Edition of the EGEC has been published and is available here.


50th edition of the EGEC newsletter
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EGEC calls for more funding for RES Cogeneration and Renewable Heating and Cooling in EU investment plan.

EGEC welcomes the European investment plan proposed today by the EC, which will be discussed and finally approved at the next European Council meeting in December.

In order to create a stable and secure energy future for European citizens, it is essential that funds are earmarked for Renewable cogeneration and Renewable Heating and cooling, as stated in EGEC’s letter to EC President Jean-Claude Juncker this week.

The letter can be found here and information about the investment plan can be found here.