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  • GIA Honorary members
  • New Regulations on energy labelling
  • New Shallow Geothermla task force
  • EGC 2016
  • New EU energy label crowns geothermal heat pump as the most efficient heating device
  • EGEC establishes new Task Force on Ground Source Heat Pumps
  • EU Commission unveils new Integrated Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan
  • France adopts ambitious energy transition law

New EU energy label crowns geothermal heat pump as the most efficient heating device

New energy labelling and eco-design rules entered into force since 26 September 2015. They set requirements for nearly all boilers, combiboilers and water heaters with rated heat output ≤ 400 kW as well as for hot water storage tanks with a storage volume ≤2 000 litres. Energy labelling and eco-design are two of the most effective policy tools in the area of energy efficiency. Ecodesign aims to improve the energy and environmental performance of products throughout their life cycle, while energy labelling requirements aim to providing consumers with information about environmental and energy performance of products.

An EU-wide energy label for brine- to water heat pumps will be crucial to increase awareness. Geothermal heat pumps are indeed amongst the few to achieve the highest category A+++ in the new EU labelling system. The introduction of the energy label will happen in two phases: the first to be introduced will range from A++ to G, while the other ranging from A+++ to D will be introduced in 2019.

The typical efficiency of a geothermal heat pump, expressed as Seasonal Performance Factor (calculated as the ratio of the heat delivered to the total electrical energy supplied over the year), is today well above 4. This means that for each kW of electricity consumed, geothermal heat pumps generate 4kW of thermal energy. Eith continued improvements, average values in the order of 5 can be achieved. Such high efficiency implies tremendous reduction in electricity consumption and, in turn, increased economic savings. Further information available here and at

Open Letter on investment protection to European Commissioners from Renewable Energy Associations

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Jyrki Katainen
Commission Vice-President for Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness

Margrethe Vestager
Commissioner for Competition

Jonathan Hill
Commissioner for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union

Miguel Arias Cañete
Commissioner for Climate Action & Energy

Brussels, 21 September 2015

Dear Commissioners,

The European renewable energy industry represented by the undersigned organisations strongly supports the European Commission’s objective of ensuring a successful economic recovery driven by private investments.

In the global competition for quality investments, one of the European Union’s key competitive advantages is the rule of law principle underpinning investor protection.

However, as we have highlighted during two recent seminars organised by the DG FISMA services1, this principle has dramatically failed renewable energy investors.

Submit your Abstract for the European Geothermal Congress 2016

The organisers of the European Geothermal Congress 2016 request the submission of abstracts for papers concerning all areas of geothermal energy use, from very shallow systems to deep drilling and high-enthalpy fields.

Go to the submissions page to submit your proposal

Both the technological and the social-economic side will be covered.
Visit egc to submit your abstract
The programme will be divided into three basic threads or “streams”, using the practises and standards appropriate to each respective target group.

We hope, however, that you will use this unique opportunity to look outside your own normal sphere or interest and learn about the work of those in other fields, all connected by the desire to give geothermal energy the spot on the energy landscape it deserves!

The three streams are:
•    Politics and Market
•    Technology and Best Practice
•    Science
Please consider which stream is appropriate for your proposal, as reviewing and acceptance procedures will vary according to the usual practice in these field.

EGEC Newsletter July/August

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EGEC brings forward proposals ongovernance to meet the 2030 targets

EU Commission unveils proposal for reforming the Energy Labelling Regulation

EC consults on electricity market design