EGEC is the voice of Geothermal in Europe

More than 120 members from 28 countries, including private companies, national associations, consultants, research centres, geological surveys, and public authorities, make EGEC the strongest and most powerful geothermal network in Europe, uniting and representing the entire sector.

An international non-profit organisation founded in 1998 and based in the heart of the European quarter in Brussels, the role of EGEC is to promote members’ interests, making sure they develop and thrive. It enables the development of the European geothermal industry- whether shaping policy, improving business conditions, or driving more research and development.

The work of the secretariat can be divided into three categories:

Intelligence gathering:monitoring, analysing and researching the political environment, briefing members on legislative and financial developments and the effects their businesses Promotion:speaking for the geothermal industry and make sure it has a positive position in public discourse. Members have exclusive marketing opportunities are represented at the main industry events Impact: giving members access to decision makers and helping them shape European policy. The secretariat also arranges and facilitates networking and makes contacts on members’ behalf.

Members receive tailored and individual support, regular updates on news and opportunities from Brussels and the rest of Europe, access to privileged information in the members’ only section of the website, and a number of financial benefits.

EGEC Brochure

European Geothermal Energy Council
Place du Champ de Mars, 2
5eme étage
1050 Bruxelles

E : com@egec.org



Secretary General:

Philippe Dumas
email: p.dumas@egec.org
+32 2 318 40 61

Communication & Marketing Officer:

Valentina Pinzuti
email: v.pinzuti@egec.org
+32 2 318 40 63

Head of Policy & Regulation:

Luca Angelino
email: l.angelino@egec.org
+32 2 318 40 62

Policy Assitant:

Thomas Garabetian
email: t.garabetian@egec.org
+32 2 318 40 64

EGEC BOARD 2016 – 2019



Ruggero Bertani, ENEL GP, Italy
e-mail: r.bertani@egec.org

Vice Presidents

Miklos Antics, GPC IP, France

Javier Urchueguia, Energesis, Spain


Attila Kujbus, Geothermal Express, Hungary

Ordinary Members

Robert Gavriliuc, Romanian Geoexchange Society, Romania
Thor-Erik Musaeus, Rock Energy, Norway
Marco Baresi, Turboden, Italy


Joachim Poppei SSG, Switzerland
Frank Schoof, SPG
Ric Pasquali, GT Energy, Ireland

Since its foundation, EGEC has endeavoured to provide a vision for the future of geothermal energy in Europe, while also tackling the issues of today. To this end, in 2009 EGEC authored the Brussels Declaration, setting a path towards full deployment of the vast potential of geothermal energy.

A Geothermal Europe – Brussels Declaration

‘A Geothermal Europe – Ferrara Declaration’

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