Commission’s communication on renewable energy issued today

The European Commission has published today its Communication “Renewable energy: A major player in the European energy market”. The renewable industry welcomes the focus on implementing and enforcing the 2020 target for renewables but regrets the lack of ambition in the 2030 agenda. EGEC, together with its umbrella association, emphasizes the importance of developing a post-2020 policy framework in order to secure renewable energy growth also after 2020. You can read EREC press release here .

EGEC particularly regrets the blind focus on a limited number of variable electricity sources. Wind and PV, despite their relevant contribution to the future 100% renewable energy mix, represent today the 12% of the overall renewable energy consumed in the EU (see chart below). Furthermore, the Communication fails to address the whole energy spectrum, notably heating and cooling. EGEC urges, once again, a EU renewable heating and cooling action plan.


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