Upcoming Events




14 – 17 May 2017: 38th Euroheat & Power Congress

Glasgow, United Kingdom. Visit Website


15 – 18 May 2017: 12th IEA Heat Pump Conference

Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Visit Website

22 –  23 May 2017: GeoEnergi 2017

Bergen, Norway. More information here


23 – 24 May 2017: IGC Turkey 2017

Izmir, Turkey. Visit Website


19 – 25 June 2017: Sustainable Energy Week

Brussels, Belgium Visit Website


20 June 2017: RHC- ETIP Annual Event: Innovation in the renewable heating and cooling sector

Brussels, Belgium. Visit Website



03 – 07  September 2017: Sustainable Earth Sciences Conference

Malmö, Sweden Visit Website


11 – 12  September 2017: Praxisforum Geothermie.Bayern 2017

Munich, Germany Visit Website



12 – 14  September 2017: Der Geothermiekongress 2017

Munich, Germany Visit Website



 04 – 06  October 2017: Conference “Novel approaches for Geothermal Exploration”

Akureyri, Iceland Visit website


12 – 13  October 2017: European Geothermal Workshop 2017

Karlsruhe, Germany Visit Website


8 - 9 November 2017: IGC Invest Geothermal

Frankfurt, Germany. Visit Website



Past Events (2017)


30 March 2017: Renovables en 2017: nuevas subastas de capacidad

Madrid, Spain. Visit Website

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31 March 2017: Geothermal energy: the current situation and future developments

Ravenna, Italy

23 – 24 March 2017: Séminaire technique “Géothermie Très Basse Energie”

Valbonne, France. Visit Website



16 March 2017: Club Geosciences “Transferts de Technologies entre les filières du sous-sol”

Pau, France. More information here.


7 – 9 March 2017: SEE Green Energy & Energy Efficiency 2017

Sofia, Bulgaria. Visit Website


28 February – 3 March 2017: Genera 2017

Madrid, Spain. Visit Website



1 – 3  March 2017: 8th European Geothermal PhD Day

Bochum, Germany Download brochure


21 – 22 February 2017: DHC Days 2017 – Local to Global Approaches for Innovative District Energy Solutions

Lyon, France. More information here


15 - 16 February 2017: GeoTHERM

Offenburg, Germany. Visit Website


2 February 2017: Conference ”La géothermie à Bruxelles”

Brussels, Belgium. Visit Website


Past Events 2006-2016

8 December 2016: Geothermal Knowledge Agenda public meeting

Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. Visit Website

30 November – 2 December 2016 Set Plan Conference

Bratislava, Slovakia. Visit Website

29 November – 1  December 2016: German Geothermal Congress

Essen, Germany. Visit Website

5 December 2016: Exploiting the Energy Below us

Torino, Italy. Visit Website


31 October – 7 November 2016: 6th African Rift Geothermal Conference (ARGEO – C6)

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Visit Website

24-25 November 2016: first EERA Annual Conference

Birmingham (UK).  Visit Website



11 October 2016: FROnT Conference: COP21 – no Decarbonisation without Local Engagement on Heating and Cooling!

Brussels, Belgium. Visit Website

11-12 October 2016: 2016 Euroheat & Power District Energy Days

Brussels, Belgium. Visit Website

16-19 October 2016: iSUP2016 Innovation & integration Sustainable production

Antwerp, Belgium. Visit Website

23-26 October 2016: GRC Annual Meeting & GEA Expo+

Sacramento, California, USA. Visit GRC Annual Meeting website. Visit GEA GEOEXPO+ website

GEOEXPO+-banner-580x110-navigant GRC-banner-2016_web


Horizon2020 brokerage event on Energy Efficiency 27 October 2016

Lyon, France Visit website


 31 October 2016 IGA Board meeting

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Visit website


14 September 2016: Ground Source Energy Expo 2016

Aston Marina, Stone, Staffordshire. Visit Website

19-24 September 2016: European Geothermal Congress

Strasbourg, France. Visit website

EGC2016 LOGO v4

19-23 September 2016: World Renewable Energy Congress (WREC) XV

Jakarta, Indonesia. Visit Website

15 June 2016: FROnT conference

Brussels, Belgium Visit Website

 6-8 June 2016: IGC Türkiye

Izmir, Turkey Visit website

7-8 June 2016:  Baseload Renewable Energy Summit

Nevada, USA Visit website

2 June 2016: European Forum on Energy Security

Monte Carlo, Monaco Visit website

18-20 May 2016: Heat Pump Forum 2016

Paris, France Visit Website

20 May 2016 Geotermia e idrotermia per il riscaldamento e il raffrescamento

Grado, Italy. Visit Website

17-20 May 2016: International Conference and Exhibition in the Field of Corrosion and Cathodic Protection 2016
Ljubljana, Slovenia Visit Website


26th-29th April 2016: IGC2016-Iceland Geothermal Conference
Reykjavik, Iceland, Visit website

19-21 April 2016: En+Eff 2016

Frankfurt, Germany, Visit Website

13 April Covenant of Mayors Webinar – Geothermal energy in cities and local communities: opportunities and challenges

Visit website

11 April 2016: Renewable Energy jobs and skills for the future (KnowRES event)

Brussels, Belgium RegisterVisit website

5-7 April 2016: SEE Exhibition & Conference on Energy Efficiency & Renewables, Smart Cities

Sofia, Bulgaria, Visit website

22-23 March 2016: “The Power of Heat” COGEN Europe Annual Conference & Gala Dinner

Brussels, Belgium, Visit website

 21 March 2016: KnowRES webinar on “Renewable Energy Education and Training needs”

Click here to register

 20 – 22 March 2016: International Conference on District Energy 2016

Portorož, Slovenia Visit website

18 March 2016: APPA Conference – “Renewable energy: competitiveness, regulation and markets”

Madrid, Spain, Visit Website

25-26 February 2016: GeoTHERM

Offenburg, Germany Visit Website


 26th February 2016: KnowRES geothermal career day

Offenburg, Germany Visit website

24- 25 February: IGC

Offenburg, Germany. Visit website

18-19 February 2016:  GEORG, Open Conference on Deep roots of Geothermal
Reykjavik, Iceland  Visit website


20 January 2016:  The Geothermal district heating. Experiences in Tuscany
Piancastagnaio, Tuscany, Italy  View programme

26-29 January 2016: 5th International Geologica Belgica Congress (GB2016).

Mons, Belgium Visit Website

 4 February 2016:  17e Colloque du SER

Paris, France  Visit website

6 February 2016: Informatiemiddag Aardwarmte regelingen

Utrecht, the Netherlands Visit website


1-3 December 2015: GeoPower Global Congress

Istanbul, Turkey. Visit website


1 December 2015 Global Geothermal Alliance Launch

COP21 Paris, France Download the draft agenda.


4th November: Public Relations for Geothermal Energy, organised by the Geothermal ERA-NET.
Essen, Germany. Information (pdf)

 2-4 November: DGK (Der Geothermiekongress)
Essen, Germany. Visit website


19-20 October 2015: European Geothermal Workshop 2015

Strasbourg, France Visit website


19-20 October 2015: Brussels Sustainable Development Summit 2015

Brussels, Belgium. Visit Website


8-9 October 2015: Mayors Geothermal Club (GEOCOM) conference

Budapest, Hungary. Visit website

4-7 October 2015: South African International Renewable Energy Conference
Cape Town, South Africa. Visit website

 23rd September: Geothermal Panel Meeting

Brussels, Belgium

23rd September EGEC AGM

Brussels, Belgium


 20-23 September 2015: GRC Annual Meeting & GEA Geothermal Energy Expo
Reno, Nevada, USA Visit website


21-22 sept 2015: SET-Plan conference
Luxembourg. Visit website

 16-18 September 2015: Sustainable Places 2015 (SP2015)

Savona, Italy. Visit website.


7 September 2015-30 May 2016:  CAS DEEGEOSYS – Exploration & Development of Deep Geothermal Systems
Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Visit website


16-21 June 2015: Volterra e il cuore caldo di Toscana: Dagli Etruschi alla Geotermia
Milan, Italy More information

16 June 2015: L’utilizzo di acque sotterranee per climatizzazione e teleriscaldamento geotermico

Milan, Italy More information


16 June 2015: Developing Sustainable Energy in your City? The Heat Under Your Feet is a Solution

Brussels, Belgium Visit Website


9 June 2015: Conférence franco-allemande: “La géothermie profonde en France et en Allemagne: état des lieux et perspectives”

Paris, France Visit Website


21-24 May 2015: Geothermal Energy Days: How to Use this Source of Clean Energy at Regional level?

Vojvodina (SRB). Visit Website


21 May 2015: Internationaler Geothermie-Kongress 2015

St. Gallen, Switzerland. Visit Website

27-28 April 2015: 37th Euroheat & Power Congress

Talin, Estonia Visit Website

19-25 April 2015: World Geothermal Congress 2015

Melbourne, Australia Visit Website

 16 April 2015: French-Icelandic Geothermal Business Forum

Paris, France Visit Website

14-15 April 2015: Colloques ADEME: Quelle place pour les EnR dans le mix energetique francais?

Paris, France Visit Website

 17th March 2015 EU leading on renewable energy policy delivering on 2020 targets and beyond

Brussels, Belgium Visit Website

5-6 March 2015 GeoTHERM

Offenburg, Germany Visit Website

4-5 March 2015 IGC

Offenburg, Germany Visit Website

26-27 February 2015 Heating & Cooling in the European Energy Transition

Brussels, Belgium Visit Website

25 February 2015 Energy security, affordability and growth in the EU Energy union: The role of renewables

Brussels, Belgium Presentations

25 February 2015 4th DAP (Delft Aardwarmte Project) symposium

Delft, The Netherlands Visit Website

12 February 2015 16ème colloque du SER

Paris, France Website

Date Place Event & Material
12 December 2014 Ferrara, Italy Legend project final event website
2-5 December 2014 Istanbul, Turkey GeoPower Global Conference, website
26 November 2014 Leicester, UK GSHPA: Technical Seminar Renewable Heating & Renewable Cooling, website
11-13 November 2014 Essen, Germany Der Geothermie Kongress 2014, website
20 November 2014 Görlitz, Poland TransGeoTherm Final Seminar, website
28 September-1 October 2014 Oregon, USA GRC Annual Meeting website
23 September 2014 Brussels, Belgium EGEC AGM Website
23 September 2014 Brussels, Belgium Geothermal Technology Platform Meeting- Focus on DH Website
22 September 2014 Brussels, Belgium Conference on geothermal District Heating in Europe Website
22 September 2014 Brussels, Belgium European Conference- Rescuing Europe from energy dependency: the role of renewables Website
24-28 August 2014 Veli Losinj Status and Future of Geothermal Energy in the peri-Adriatic Region website
23rd June 2014 Brussels, Belgium ReGeoCities: Integrating shallow geothermal energy in cities at a local and regional level website
20 June 2014 Rome, Italy Sistemi Geotermici Non Convenzionali website
13 June 2014 Görlitz, Germany Trans GeoTherm- Geothermal energy for development of the Niesse region. Pilot project seminar website
5-6 June 2014 Leoben, Austria GeoMol Mid term conference website
22 May 2014 Brussels, Belgium 2030 Reasons to Integrate Heating and Cooling: Innovation, Technology Development, and Market Development. Annual Event of the RHC- Platform website
14-16 May 2014 Freiburg, Germany 10th IGC (International Geothermal Congress) website
29 April 2014 Vecsé, Hungary SEE Geothermal Conference website
10-11 April 2014 Paris, France Deep Geothermal Days website
10-11 April 2014 Paris, France French Geothermal Days website
16 January 2014 Brussels, Belgium 9th Meeting of the Geothermal Panel of the RHC-Platform Presentations

Date Place Event & Material
3-4 December 2013 Amsterdam, Netherlands GeoPower Europe 2013 website
29 November 2013 Utrecht, the Netherlands GeoElec Promotional Seminar website website
28-29 November 2013 Brussels, Belgium European Renewable Energy Policy Conference website
15 November 2013 Budapest, Hungary GeoElec Promotional Seminar website
15 November 2013 Lund, Sweden Geotrainet ‘Update training for trainers’ website
14 November 2013 Lund, Sweden Geotrainet ‘Geo Energy – Planning and Good Practice’ website
12-14 November 2013 Essen, Germany The German Geothermal Congress 2013 website
13 November 2013 Kilkenny, Ireland Geothermal Association of Ireland 2013 Conference: “Working Together to Increase Geothermal Resource Utilisation in Ireland”. website
11 November 2013 Essen, Germany GeoElec Promotional Seminar website
30 September–4 October 2013 Pau, France Second Sustainable Earth Sciences Conference & Exhibition (SES 2013) webstite
24-28 June 2013 Brussels, Belgium EU Sustainable Energy Week website
18-19 June 2013 Jakarta, Indonesia World GeoPower Markets Indonesia & Philippines website
3-7 06 2013 Pisa, Italy European Geothermal Congress 2013 website
14.05.2013 Brussels, Belgium EGEC Workshop on NER300 Presentations
22-23.04.2013 Dublin, Ireland European Conference on Renewable Heating and Cooling More information on the website
5.-8.03.2013 Reykjavik, Iceland Iceland Geothermal Conference 2013 More information here.
28.02-01.03.2013 Offenburg, Germany GeoTHERM expo & congress

Date Place Event & Material
4.-5.12.2012 Budapest, Hungary GeoPower Europe 2012 Presentations available in the Members Corner.
5.9.2012 Brussels, Belgium RHC-Platform workshop: National Technology Platforms. Presentations available here.
4.9.2012 Brussels, Belgium RHC-Platform’s Geothermal Technology Panel Meeting
14-18.5.2012 Brussels, Belgium Renewable Heating and Cooling Week. You can find more information here.
26-27.4.2012 Copenhagen, Denmark RHC-Platform and Euroheat & Power Conference
08.03.2012 Brussels, Belgium Workshop on EU-Japan-Iceland Cooperation on Geothermal. You can find the presentations here
01.02- 2.02.2012 Offenburg, Germany GeoTHERM Expo and Congress 2012. Presentation by EGEC President B. Sanner here

Date Place Event & Material
05-06.12.2011 Milan Italy GeoPower Europe 2011
14.10.2011 Brussels, Belgium Geotrainet + Workshop Presentations Online Budapest, Hungary 2nd Annual RHC-Platform Conference

For more information, see here.
24-27.01.2011 Brussels, Belgium GEOTRAINET WEEK: Training & Conference on GSHP
More info

Date Place Event & Material
25-30.04.2010 Bali, Indonesia World Geothermal Congress 2010

Date Place Event & Material
03.12 & 04.12.2009 Munich, Germany Geopower Europe Conference 2009
More info: in member’s corner
02.12.2009 Munich, Germany Kick-off meeting TP Geoelec
30.09 & 01.102009 Dublin, Ireland Final GTRH Conference on geothermal regulations
11.02.2009 Brussels, Belgium GTRH Conference

Date Place Event & Material
18.06.2008 Strasbourg, France RESTMAC Workshop: “Geothermal Electricity & CHP in Europe: A technology for our future”
19.05.2008 Milan, Italy RESTMAC Workshop on “Geothermal Heating & Cooling in Italy & Mediterranean countries: a growing market”
25.04.2008 Budapest, Hungary RESTMAC Workshop on “Agriculture And Commercial Applications For Geothermal Heating & Cooling”

Date Place Event & Material
16.11.2007 Brussels, Belgiums EGEC Workshop : ‘Finance geothermal energy’
12.11.2007 Bratislava, Slovakia RESTMAC Workshop : ‘GSHP in central and Eastern Europe’
30.05.-01.06.2007 Unterhaching European Geothermal Congress 2007
29-31.01.2007 Brussels EREC European renewable energy policy conference

Date Place Event & Material
24.11.2006 Brussels EGEC Workshop ‘Towards a Technology Platform for geothermal energy’