Geotrainet + Workshop, 14th October 2011

The GEOTRAINET project, supported by the European Commission’s IEE programme (Altener), aimed to develop a European-wide educational programme as an important step towards the certification of geothermal installations. The official activities of this project have come to an end, but the time is ripe to capitalise on the results and knowledge harnessed by this project. More information on the project can be found at

To this end, EGEC and the European Federation of Geologists  hosted a workshop on the 14th of October 2011 in Brussels, in order to bring together interested parties to discuss how to capitalise upon the efforts of the Geotrainet project in training drillers and designers of shallow geothermal systems.

The overarching conclusion of the workshop was that all interested parties should aim to create National Education Committees, to provide a framework to further work, and a European level board will be created in mid-2012, composed of delegates of these national committees.

1st Session: European Context for Certification & Training of Shallow Geothermal Professionals

Chairman: J Urchueguia Spanish Geothermal Technology Platform (GEOPLAT) & European Geothermal Panel
Welcome Address From Geotrainet to Geotrainet + B Sanner, EGEC president
The RES Directive implementation – article 14 and annex IV Adina Georgescu, European Commission, DG ENR
Qualicert project – proposal for certification of installers and Map of Geothermal training activities in EuropeP Dumas, EGEC

2nd Session: Geotrainet results

Chairman: Ruth Allington, EFG President
Project outcomes  I. Fernandez, EFG Office Director
Training frame for designers B. Sanner, EGEC
Training frame for drillers B. Sanner, EGEC
Q & A Session and Discussion

3rd Session: Geotrainet + 

Chairman: B. Sanner, EGEC
Proposal for a Geotrainet Education CommitteeB. Sanner, EGEC President
Proposal for future training activities J. Urchueguia, Spanish Geothermal Technology Platform (GEOPLAT) & European Geothermal Panel
Proposal for a European certification framework Gundala Tschernigg, AIT
Q & A Session and Discussion of the proposals
Roadmap of future activities J. Urchueguia (GEOPLAT) and R. Allington (EFG)
Chairman Summary of Discussion B. Sanner (EGEC)